Year Key Development
  • Group’s entry into UAE with establishment of International Foodstuffs Co (IFFCO) in Sharjah,UAE, for trading in frozen and dry foodstuffs, commodities, fruits and eggs.
  • Commencement of manufacturing activities : setting-up of meat processing plant in Sharjah under IFFCO.
  • Acquisition of Unipex Dairy Products Co. Ltd (Unipex) in Sharjah manufacturing .Igloo. icecreams.
  • Acquisition of Intergulf Ltd operating a refrigerated public warehousing facility at Port Khalid, Sharjah.
  • Establishment of Tiffany Foods Ltd (Tiffany) and commercial production of .Tiffany. biscuits and wafers at Port Khalid, Sharjah.
  • Establishment of Emirates Refining Co. Ltd (Erco) to produce refined edible oils at Port Khalid, Sharjah.
  • Launch of .Hayat. vegetable oils and ghee.
  • Production of Tiffany. snack foods under Tiffany, Sharjah.
  • Setting-up of Emirates Polymers (a division of Intergulf Ltd) to manufacture food grade PVC compounds at Port Khalid, Sharjah.
  • Launch of .Noor. sunflower oil by ERCO.
  • Production of .Tiffany. confectionery products under Tiffany, Sharjah.
  • Expansion of snack food facilities with production of natural potato chips and extruded products under Tiffany, Sharjah.
  • Setting-up of Seville Products Ltd (LLC) for manufacturing toilet and laundry soaps at Rashidiya, Dubai.
  • Expansion of biscuit manufacturing facilities (Lines 2 and 3) at Tiffany, Sharjah.
  • Emirates Grain Products Co. LLC (Emigrain) commenced wheat milling operations at Port Khalid, Sharjah.
  • Setting-up of seafood processing plant at Sharjah under IFFCO.
  • Acquisition of Al Ain National Juice & Refreshments Co. LLC (Al Ain Juice) producing fruit juices and drinks at Al Ain (Abu Dhabi).
  • Expansion of Erco.s production facilities; production of hydrogenated ghee and margarine.
  • Expansion of Intergulf.s logistical activities to include freight forwarding and surface transportation services.
  • Acquisition of International Packaging Co. LLC (IPC) producing corrugated boxes at Ajman.
  • Further expansion of biscuits manufacturing facility (Line 4) at Tiffany, Sharjah.
  • Emigrain.s milling capacity and silo storage capacity substantially enhanced at Sharjah.
  • Production of chocolates at Al Quoz, Dubai, under Seville Products Ltd (LLC).
  • Expansion of ice cream range through extruded products at Unipex, Sharjah.
  • Expansion of Al Ain Juice facilities to manufacture long life milk.
  • Commencement of bakery ingredients manufacture.
  • Manufacture of culinary products, liquid detergents and cleaning materials under Seville at Rashidiya, Dubai.
  • Setting-up of grain storage and trans-shipment facilities at Hamriyah Port, Sharjah under International Foodstuffs Company Ltd (Hamriyah Branch).